The Pursuit of Performance – Change

Last week on the airplane catching up on my reading I was struck by a quote from Jeff Bezos, the founder and creator of Amazon. “Social cohesion at the expense of truth” This took my mind to the world we live in and change.

Do you remember when Jack Welsh said “when the world around you is changing at a rate that is faster than yours…. the end is near.” Do you remember that? Many of you know that I believe we are in an era of change equally as significant as the Industrial Revolution. And most people resist the changes in their lives either at work or at home.

Joel Barker, the famous futurist, calls it “rocking the boat” using the image of a canoe with three paddlers where one of them uses a kayak double blade paddle – rocking the boat. The double blade paddle is clearly more efficient and effective but it sure rocked the boat with the other two paddlers.

The thing I liked about Mr. Bezos’ comment is how it points out that we are hiding from the truth or hiding the truth in our stubborn determination not to change. In my professional life I have been calling these times the times of the “New Reality.” This not to say that the PIMCO “New Normal” isn’t also an apt phrase to describe the times but I like the “New Reality” better. We have to face the truth not hide it. We have to embrace change not resist it. We have to be open to new ideas not shut them down. There is only one way forward and that is being like the turtle – sticking your neck out. The time is now.