Making Segments that Work

Alright, you have run the reports, established the different levels of purchases, obtained accurate machine populations for the customers and have put this market segmentation code into the name and address record on your computer. Well now you have 64 market segments. I submit to you that this is too many segments to determine a strategy for each segment and have everyone understand. What next.

How about we take all of the Fleet (F) and Large (L) machine population segments that are also either A or B in either of Parts and Service purchases and make them one marketing segment? And let’s take the Medium (M) machine population and all of the C purchases for either of the Parts and Service and make them another marketing segment. Then we will have three segments. What I will call High Potential, Medium Potential and Low Potential.

The High Potential segment customers are the ones that should have a product support sales representatives call of them. The Medium Potential segment customers should be “touched” but perhaps you don’t have the budget to assign a product support representative. What are you to do? Assign and Instore Sales Representative and touch them on the telephone.

Did you know that in America Corporations fail at implementing their strategy 90% of the time? Typically that is because their employees don’t understand the strategy. In order to be able to lead people to conduct themselves in a manner that will allow successful implementation of strategy they have to first of all understand the strategy. Second they have to accept that the strategy is a good one. Finally then they can commit to making it happen.

  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Commitment

We are at the portal of our market coverage strategy. Are you ready? The time is now.